WebTaker by DA Media Limted

Publishers everywhere are seeking to reduce their costs of conducting their business and hence improve profitability. They do this by encouraging their consumer and business customers to self advertise via the Web. WebTaker is designed specifically to support this principle of self-service. WebTaker is fully sinkable.

The key is to offer the requisite facilities in a very easy-to-use manner. If it is a lengthy process or difficult to use, such opportunities will be eschewed by the customer and more effort will by necessity be required from the internal staff. WebTaker complements the existing systems for the larger publishers or can act as a complete Advertising system.

To this end WebTaker enables any customer to place a lineage ad in print like the ones from , on the web or both and also to preview the format as it will appear in the paper or web format. There is an inbuilt up-sell facility whereby more than one preview can be generated, each with a different format and cost. Payment can be made by credit card and the ads scrutinized and passed into the main sales system and/or web system for production.

There is an extra online display ad-makeup module which allows users to makeup adverts online using a templates-driven ad creation function via InDesign server.



Some of the features include:

  • A “Wizard” style user interface
  • Automatic layout design according to document content
  • Automatic sizing according to document content
  • Support of single page and multi-page documents
  • Drag and Drop layout function for complex documents
  • Support of highly complex designs
  • Automatic sizing for changing document dimensions
  • Output to various formats including – PDF, JPG, InDesign, XML, Text, HTML. . .
  • Import function for easy inclusion of external data feeds
  • User configurable
  • Powerful integration tools for seamless workflow
  • Pushes the ability for self service beyond linage adverts
  • Uses industry standard applications – InDesign server
  • Allows full online makeup of display adverts
  • Extending to Rich Media Engine allows online makeup of flash adverts


Self service advertising for general public and agencies means offering your customers a choice, a better delivered service and potential increased revenue.

Agencies can manage their account online (assuming generated invoices are available in e-format.)

It is possible for agencies or clients to upload artwork or logos (for in-house designers to use) into the system after making their booking.

Get to know your advertisers -in registration, WebTaker can prompt your advertisers to answer questions about information about them that you want to know – examples such as their target advertising audience for use by marketing department, customer feedback etc.

Automated up sell routine means that users can be automatically tempted with visually enhanced bookings (or enhanced booking packages) at additional cost. WebTaker offers the possibility to decrease classified inputting headcount and cost

  • 24:7 “shop window” for advert booking and renewal – allows you to get the sales people selling instead of inputting
  • Quick return on investment
  • Up-sell function – gain more from the visuals
  • Ability to review and makeup ads and to upload copy
  • Intuitive, quick and simple to use
  • Less credits – customer takes responsibility for their own adverts
  • Save time in credit control with online account management – accounts can be paid online via a credit card
  • Compatible with Mac and PC browsers
ROI Potential
  • Self service display advert makeup means better customer relationships.
  • There is less work for you to do as the customer is doing it
  • Your business has to deal with less credits, because less mistakes are made in ad production
  • Better for sales people on the road who can use the makeup tool online.