MediaStats by DA Media Limited

MediaStats is a fully configurable web based reporting and application suite. Based upon proven Adobe ColdFusion technology, it embraces all the advantages of web based systems. Best of breed tecnologies such as Crystal Reports, Sybase Adaptive Server and Microsoft SQL Server are used throughout for utmost resilience and quality.

From high level finance professionals through senior management to front end users, MediaStats is designed to allow authorised users to access and run reports that have been created in Crystal Reports. Reports are run in a web-based environment, presenting users with real time raw data and graphical representations of complex sets of figures for instant analysis.

Full integration between Crystal Reports and MediaStats means that users can enter parameters to define the yield of the report while results can be grouped and totaled, with drill down functionality.


DA Media’s MediaStats solution offers numerous benefits to your business. These include:

  • MediaStats is browser based
  • Each user has a login – logins and passwords are protected
  • MediaStats provides a central repository for report organization
  • Reports can be run real time
  • Uses business-standard reporting tool – Crystal Reports
  • Full Crystal Reports integration including parameters, grouping, graphical
    representation and drill down functionality
  • Multiple export formats (RTF, Excel, PDF, CSV, Word, text file)
  • Report preview functionality
  • Access and usage logs for better housekeeping
  • Reports can be managed and written in-house


ROI Potential

  • Provides control to management so that correct business decisions are made based on real time data analysis
  • Self-service reporting – users can run the reports they require themselves
  • Better reports management saves time when maintaining existing reports and deploying new reports


MediaStats V3.0 beta: Usergroup Editor

MediaStats is consistently under development as we add new features, both those we envision and those requested by our customers. Currently V3.0 is being developed with a complete refresh of the GUI. These screen shots are just a taster of what is to come.

MediaStats v3.0 beta: Report View Parameter entry