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BootStrap by DA Media Limited


BootStrap offers the facility to rapidly switch the primary configuration and connection settings for a MediaStats installation. Once configured this will allow “one-click” switching of all database locations, logins, system DSNs and other Database and Windows Registry based items associated with a MediaStats installation and the Windows Server upon which it resides.

BootStrap is driven by 2 scripts accessed using a standard web browser. One script is for exporting a default profile, the other is for importing (switching) previously exported and/or edited profiles. The profiles themselves are stored as XML files within a sub-directory of the main web-application directory.

The XML format profiles can be edited using any text editor or with XML specific editor tools.


Using BootStrap

BootStrap main menu screen

BootStrap is accessed via a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or FireFox, most commonly on the same server as your MediaStats installation. The landing screen presents the user with a simple menu with options to export a default profile, import or switch to an existing named profile or to open this help guide in a new window. The import and export features allow the user to create and mange full XML based profiles covering database tables, ColdFusion data-sources, ColdFusion mappings, SQL commands and Windows Registry entries (which also covers ODBC connections) in order to privide the necessary profiles for switching between various scenarios such as live production, a test environment or a distaster recovery situation.


BootStrap in a Disaster Recovery scenario

EZ Switch screen

This is the situation where BootStrap will be of most use. In this situation it becomes necessary to make your MediaStats reporting server point all its data-sources to different network locations and optionally change user login details plus many other system data changes. The EZ Switch screen allows extremely simplistic switching between a pre-chosen selection of BootStrap profiles such as in the example shown here.